Mainly Music


Mainly Music is a fun and interactive music group for pre-school children and their parents/caregivers and is associated with and is run by Volunteers from Dyce Parish Church.

At our sessions the children are introduced to music, creativity, learning and interaction. After approximately thirty minutes of music, dance and fun - adults and children are given snacks and refreshments.

Our Mainly Music family aims to encourage children to be creative and to enjoy each other's company by developing social skills. It also allows adults to meet and socialise with other families in the area who have young children.

We run 2 sessions on a Monday morning in the church hall on Victoria Street just across from the church. The first session starts at 9am and singing begins at 9.30 finishing at 10 this is when the second session registration starts and both sessions join for coffee and snack. Singing for the second session begins at 10.45 and finishes at 11.15.

If you are interested in joining our mainly music family, please feel free to call Shirlee McDonald Team Leader on 07979388257 there is currently a small waiting list, which your name will be added to.


Link to Mainly Music website.