Our Mission

  'Serving Christ and our Parish’
As a family in Dyce, we seek to build the Kingdom of God in this parish through the faithful preaching of God's word, prayer and directed action. By faith and example proclaiming the Gospel to our community in a meaningful way.

Prayers for Manson


Please continue to pray for Manson

We are delighted to report than Manson's operation went well and he is now recovering well.  Your support and continued prayers are greatly appreciated!  Thank you all!

Summer Services



Normal services (9.30am on the 2nd and last Sunday's of the month and 11am every week) will resume on Sunday 1st September in the church.



Fergus House, Victoria Grange and Parkhill Court will not run during July and August but will resume in September.

From a member of Dyce Congregation



Our minister had a vision that 2019 would bring great things to our Church through our Lord.

The Dyce congregation would love to welcome more people to worship here.  The following words might give you a reason to come along.

If you have problems in your life no matter how big or small (and who amongst us doesn’t) and no matter the subject, health, finances, relationships or just a feeling of being on a permanent treadmill and getting nowhere what would help you deal with those problems.  How about having someone to talk with who would never judge, would always be prepared to guide and would love you no matter what.  There is someone who does all of those things.  He is our Lord Jesus Christ. Praying is the way we talk to God and while it is great to do that by yourself in the comfort of your own home the power of prayer is magnified when you do it in God’s house.  Praying in Church or at a prayer meeting brings a feeling of calm and clarity which is deeply comforting. 

Please join us on Sundays in Church or Thursday evenings at our Prayer meeting and give it a shot.  We are a friendly bunch and you will be welcomed. 

House of Prayer


Church Team

Rev. Manson Merchant


Sick Leave at present

Joan Thorne - Probation Minister


Raymond Mack - Session Clerk


Natalie Angus - Youth & Family Worker


Cheryl Beaumont - Office Secretary


Pat Sharp - Church Officer


Church Team

Finlay Morse - Musician


Morag Reid - Musician


Ian Brown - Fabric Convenor


Rev Dr Nigel Parker


 Interim Moderator  Tel: 01224 712635 

Contact Us

Key Contacts

Minister - Rev. Manson Merchant (Sick Leave)

Probation Minister - Joan Thorne

Interim Moderator - Rev Dr Nigel Parker

Office - Cheryl Beaumont 

Youth & Family Worker - Natalie Angus

Session Clerk - Raymond Mack

Dyce Parish Church

152 Victoria Street, Dyce, Aberdeen, AB21 7DN, United Kingdom

01224 771 295 dyceparishchurch@outlook.com

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12:30 – 18:00

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