Holiday Club

The event of the summer is behind us, holiday club. 5 days, 10 hours, 42 children, 10 volunteers, 154 cups of tea (and that was just me!) and a church service. Wow! It was a crazy, amazing, exhausting but fantastic week. 

We used the newest Scripture Union resource called TeamBuilders. It had a catchy theme tune, I’m sure I am not the only one still singing it! Over the week we looked at various parts of the Bible, with the main theme being we are all different, but we can use our unique talents to work as a team and we are all on God’s team! 

There were the obligatory crafts, games and singing. As well as our reoccurring soap opera – Isthmus Park, home of Corinth Rovers. It was fantastic to see our younger youth involved, using their talents! We were extremely fortunate to have our snack donated by Asda, our fantastic snack team managed to make the donation last all week. It was supplemented by cake at the end of the week as we had a couple of volunteer’s birthdays and we had some delicious home bakes donated too. Massive thank you to Asda not just for the snack but they also donated some activity sheets and other bit and pieces. We are extremely grateful for their very kind donation.